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Grace: A documentary on the noted short-story writer, poet, educator and political activist Grace Paley


“I loved ‘GRACE’!  She appears exactly as I remember her, speaking truth to power in such a funny and down-to-earth way that I was roused from my grim doom-saying about the state of the world.  People of my generation for whom she was a role model will be enchanted by the film.  And it is a must for college and high school classes on political history, social movements, and women’s studies.
It tells of a time when feminism and political activism were ascendant, and inspires the next generation to join the struggle.”

— Vicky Steinitz, Co-coordinator, Cambridge United for Justice with Peace


"What made me acquire 'GRACE' for our New York University collection is the overview the documentary provides, showing how Grace Paley's life made her the woman she was: the adamant poet/activist constantly struggling against the institutional oppression of women; her own gentle, self-deprecating humor in which she never took herself too seriously — only her work. Perhaps the most relevant contribution of this documentary is the sage advice Grace Paley provides to aspiring writers about why writing, and writing poetry, is important, and what to focus on to succeed as a writer."

— Michael S. Gaffney,
Collections & Reference Associate, Acquisitions,
New York University


“An insightful and memorable portrait.  Of great value to students of American literature, women’s studies, and creative writing.  A highly-recommended, solid addition to film collections in public libraries.”

— William Sloan, former chief of circulation of the Film and Video Library at MOMA, New York, and former head film/video librarian at the Donnell Library, NYC.


"I congratulate [this film as] a fitting portrait and tribute."

— Robert Pinsky,
former U.S. Poet Laureate


“I can hardly imagine a university humanities course that this film would not enhance, particularly 20th-Century American Literature, Creative Writing, and Women’s Studies.
Every aspiring writer should have a glimpse of Grace Paley’s remarkable originality and mastery of voice.”

— Marcelline Krafchick, author, PH.D, Professor Emerita, California State University


"This is a beautiful film, wonderful to watch - rare in the way it shows why fiction is written, as well as how. Grace Paley's extraordinary stories are like no others, and have inspired generations of writers. Viewers will gain a deepened sense of how an important American writer lived in her times and shaped them. They will gain worlds by seeing "GRACE."

— Joan Silber,
author and member of the Sarah Lawrence writing faculty


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