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Grace: A documentary on the noted  writer, educator and political activist Grace Paley

The legacy of the renowned writer, educator and feminist GRACE PALEY (1922-2007) will thrive for generations. Now the documentary "GRACE" captures this warm, wise, sassy and hugely influential writer, teacher and activist in an intimate 51-minute tribute that is also a heart-felt and inspiring film.

Since "GRACE" includes full scenes of the author reading from her work, coaching young writers, and reminiscing on her own beginnings as a writer and activist, "GRACE" is inspiring for anyone interested in:

  • Creative Writing
  • 20th Century and Women’s Literature
  • Gender Studies
  • Jewish Studies
and a delight for the wide-ranging members of Public Libraries


This is a beautiful film, wonderful to watch-- rare in the way it shows why fiction is written, as well as how. Grace Paley’s extraordinary stories are like no others and have inspired generations of writers.  Viewers will gain a deepened sense of how an important American writer lived in her times and helped shape them.  Students of contemporary literature and writing will gain worlds by seeing “GRACE.”

— Joan Silber, author; faculty member of Sarah Lawrence College.   


       To download this film: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/gracepaley

       To purchase the DVD: https://www.createspace.com/850048737


“GRACE”  51 minutes
Produced and directed by Academy Award Nominee Sonya Friedman;
co-directed by Herman J. Engel and Linda Leehman.

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